11 March 2015

My Kind of Spring

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Photographed by Randy Lai

Hello lovelies, 

Though I have been doing more photography lately, I have not abandoned my initial agenda when I created this blog. I'll still be posting stuff about outfits, reviews, ads & sponsorships but I'll also wanna include my work as well. Since I don't consider myself as a fashion blogger, I pretty much blog about anything and everything... because I can.

Today's post is solely dedicated to the one and only, MotelRocks. MotelRocks, also known as Motel, is a British fashion label established in the late 90's. I'm sure a lot of you have already heard of Motel since they are renowned for their unique prints and sleek silhouettes. Popular retailers such as Topshop, NastyGal & ASOS carry this versatile label that free spirited and eclectic. Their garments are also sometimes handprinted with care making their details extremely delicate and precise. 

A little about my styling - Singapore's weather has not been very forgiving lately therefore I couldn't layer as much as I liked to. I threw on a chiffon kimono to give this look a nicer flow. I intended to make this look a lot darker than it already is, so I added a floppy hat and some really chunky buckled sandals. To have a balance in hardware, I paired my gold rim shades with some gold stacked necklaces & rings, while matching my silver buckled sandals with my silver plate backpack. They say you only can wear either one, but rules are meant to be broken. 

Before you go, make sure to check out their new Spring Summer 2015 collection video & perhaps, hop on to their website and do some shopping!!!

6 March 2015

Addicted to Black

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Photos by Kym Chan

Hello! Here comes another update! This February, I got myself a new lens, which was the basic of the basics of every photographer. Having good and expensive lenses does not guarantee quality in photos. Obviously if you have a Canon 5D mark III and a EF 24-70mm f/2.8L you're definitely gonna produce high definition photos. But that doesn't mean you'll have good composition, good angles, good subjects of interest, etc; which would not be easily altered during post processing.... but that's none of my business isn't it? 

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