26 February 2015

Photography: Shop Kaizo [Editorial]

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IMG_9807 IMG_0188 IMG_0217 IMG_00621
IMG_9797 IMG_9731_1 IMG_9736 IMG_9752 IMG_9756_1

Photography by juxju+nicolengaise
Wardrobe by Shop Kaizo
Modeled by Amanda & Zoey

Our first client of the year was shopkaizo and I must say it was a joy working with these two pretty girls. Although onlineshop photography was not our first choice, being able to change the stereotype of blogshop photography feels great. Often you've seen those BS lookbooks & editorials, some looked great while some were terrible. That being said, we intend to make more blogsjops to have better editorials and lookbooks to show for their customers because I believe that good sales also starts from the first impression. Everyone wants to see how the outfits will look like with good photography (there is no less prideful way to say this). But I don't think we're at our best yet, so we really want to practice more. Spread the shameless words and let us know if you're interested in hiring us XD.

Disclaimer: It is not in my intention to offend anyone or to harm the reputation of good & humble photographers. We definitely need more work but I don't believe we have no standards.



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