6 December 2014

Tokyo Day 4: Shibuya & Harajuku

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A place I've always dreamed of coming, Harajuku and Shibuya. Though I was quite sad that I didn't get to walk through ALL the streets, I was glad that I even had the opportunity to come here. I visited many shops that I've religiously followed virtually and got to see them in real life, though I didn't buy a lot. What intrigued me was the fact that their menswear selection is so wide, that is if you like their style. No wonder Japanese youths are much more fashionable compared to guys in Malaysia and Singapore. People here are very free spirited. I saw many subcultures appearing on the streets such as lolitas, punks, dolly-kei, and shops that exclusively sells decora, visual-kei, and many more. The shop staffs here are extremely polite and helpful. Even though I don't fully understand Japanese, I know a little here and there and I could get the gist of what they're saying if the don't talk as fast as the bullet train. God forbade me to stay here longer so today is my last day and I'm crying internally. I will come back here again, hopefully next year??? 


5 December 2014

Tokyo Day 3: The Old and the New

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(Logo Beanie // X-Large, Turtleneck // Uniqlo, Logo Sweater // UNIF, Coat // Berskha)

Another short post! Yesterday we went for a full day tour around the city of Tokyo, visiting the most prominent areas. We went to Meiji Shrine and Imperial Garden in the morning. It was extremely freezing because it drizzled a little here and there. The place we dropped off as our last destination was Akihabara area, which is the land of the otaku (manga/anime/games/electronic nerds/followers/obsessors). 


4 December 2014

Tokyo Day 2: Hop on, Hop off.

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Cardigan // Zara,  Heatech Turtle Neck & Sweater // Uniqlo, Platforms // Y.R.U)

Hello! This post is gonna be short as I'm quite tired. Photos shown are some snaps I took during my second day in Tokyo. We sat on a hop-on bus tour and moved around the city. We dropped off at two places, one being Diver city Tokyo plaza and the other being Tsukiji fish market. Then we strolled around towards Ginza but we left before dinner as it was extremely cold yesterday. Sigh I really don't wanna leave this place. T_T


3 December 2014

Tokyo Day 1: Land of the Rising Sun

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Ohayo! Look at that beautiful morning skyline, no wonder they call it the land of the rising sun. Finally after much anticipation, I've come to the place I've always wanted to, Tokyo, Japan. It's still very surreal to me and it feels like a dream. Mom and I took an early flight at 8am but we've only reached here at 4pm Tokyo time (1 hour later than SG time) while the sun was setting. The average weather here is about 15 degrees celsius during the day and as low as 5 degrees at night. So since we've only had one meal on the airplane so we decided to have dinner when we reach our hotel, the Intercontinental Tokyo Bay Hotel. We dined at the Toraji Ebisu Korean Diner for their korean BBQ. Man, it is so amazing to eat sizzling hot meat in a chilly day. We had quite a lot and it only costed us 18k yen (approx $200SGD) for the course meals. It was very worth it because of their high standard dishes and excellent services. Though I don't usually eat beef, in fact I only had it twice my whole life, the beef they serve is extremely tender as well as their pork. It's true it's going to be very hard to find good ol' chicken in Japan but I came here to eat the seafood and all the ramen I can. I'll be taking the bus tours around Tokyo to go sightseeing and of course going to Ginza and Shibuya to shop are one of my priorities. See you in the next post! 


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