12 November 2014

Road Kill

(Beanie, Lace Dress // Zara, Check Shirt // WEGO, YinYang Backpack // Omighty, Shoes // Dr. Martens)

Went for cafe hunting with my pal Kym around Everton Park today. I googled for some nice cafes to eat and chill at and I found out about The Provision Shop from Lady Iron Chef. This website gives you the insights on the best restaurants to the coolest cafes in Singapore. I'm a person who really enjoys her (junk) food, so when it comes to searching for places to dine, I'm always very easy going. I don't particularly like "healthy" food because i just feel like life is too short to be staying healthy to prolong my existence. I mean, it's not like I wanna give away my health, I just like to live my life a little like I might not be here tomorrow. I know I know, it sounds very pessimistic but hey, what's life without risks and obstacles? I've once heard a comedian said, "Why do people measure life by the years instead how good the years' worth?" Just because you live a long life doesn't mean you've lived a good life. So appreciate what you have and cherish the people around you. 



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