12 November 2014

Out of Place

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(Baseball Shirt // Topman, Mesh Top // H&M, Stripe Skirt // Zara)

The very obvious yet questionable purpose of a fashion blogger comes to mind. When people ask me whether I'm a blogger after looking at my Instagram, I'd feel a sense of unease to admit it. Well, not because I'm not proud of my own blog, it's the invisible standards that people would expect from a blogger. I neither blog professionally nor do I have outstanding writing stills, I simply blog for the joy of it. Lately my blog content consists of personal styles followed by a short descriptions on my mood, my thoughts, and my daily activities. I guess for me a fashion blogger literally is a blogger who blogs about fashion. So I wouldn't consider myself one because I'm more narcissistic than that. There are many terms to describe one's blog contents so I'm pretty much all over the place. I'm trying to keep up the consistency of what I want to post about on this page but I still don't like the formalities of a blogger so I'm just gonna stick with what I'm doing now. I just hope I could at least give people some styling inspirations, that'd be great.



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