23 November 2014

Boy London x Long Clothing x Actually Party

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(Eagle Tee // Boy London x Long Clothing, Mesh Dress // Depression, Buckled Platforms // Long Clothing x Underground)

Hello beautiful people! Ahh, in such a good mood today. I'm normally not the party type and in fact, yesterday was only the 3rd time I've attended a party. The first time was at FashionTV club and the other was at One Altitude (I was passed out drunk because it was my 21st birthday). I don't really enjoy going to night clubs to drink or dance, and to be squashed and shoved by sweaty strangers; just the thought of it turns me off. That doesn't mean I don't know how to let loose and have fun because yesterday was pretty pleasant. So I've gotten the opportunity to attend the Boy London x Long Clothing x Actually party last night. I've noticed that we went there way too early and it was so awkwardly empty. More people only started coming after 10pm. The designers had like a meet and greet session a little after 9pm and I must say, they are extremely down to earth. We've only gotten the chance to talk to Rhys because Gareth was sitting across, and I met this really cool girl who tagged along called Ivy. GAH, meeting cool British fashion people makes me wanna go London even more. I need to realise my dreams and get my butt moving. S.T.O.P procrastinating!!!


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