27 November 2014

Bad Taste

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(White Shirt // Zara, Sports Crop Top // Alexander Wang x H&M, Midi Skirt // Topshop)

Yoz! Welcome to the midweek; so near yet so far to the weekends. So I intended to blog yesterday but I was having trouble trying to upload my pictures to the site. This uploader irks me so much because it alters the coloration of my images, annoying isn't it? But yeah set that aside, I went to eat out at Kuru Kuru Japanese restaurant at Valley Point Shopping Centre. You can choose to order a la carte or buffet, which was what we had. I'd say it has a pretty chilled environment but the lights are quite dim and it has this awkward spotlight shining above the table (makes it really challenging to do foodporn... oops.) So I said I'll rate it so I will, service is pretty good so I'll give it a 8/10. As for the food & freshness, ugh, 5/10. The seaweed of the sushis are very hard to chew and not crunchy at all, while the ones in the soup are pretty salty. The skewered chicken with teriyaki sauce was terribly hard to chew, you'd know it's cooked too long when it sticks on the satay stick. I don't eat sake unless it's cooked, so I don't know how it tastes raw. The cooked salmon was a little bit overcooked because it lost its tenderness. I must say I only fully enjoyed the chawanmushi, yup, that's it. For dinner it costs about $33++ (before tax and service charge). Honestly, it's not worth it. So my total rating is 6.5/10


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