27 November 2014

Bad Taste

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(White Shirt // Zara, Sports Crop Top // Alexander Wang x H&M, Midi Skirt // Topshop)

Yoz! Welcome to the midweek; so near yet so far to the weekends. So I intended to blog yesterday but I was having trouble trying to upload my pictures to the site. This uploader irks me so much because it alters the coloration of my images, annoying isn't it? But yeah set that aside, I went to eat out at Kuru Kuru Japanese restaurant at Valley Point Shopping Centre. You can choose to order a la carte or buffet, which was what we had. I'd say it has a pretty chilled environment but the lights are quite dim and it has this awkward spotlight shining above the table (makes it really challenging to do foodporn... oops.) So I said I'll rate it so I will, service is pretty good so I'll give it a 8/10. As for the food & freshness, ugh, 5/10. The seaweed of the sushis are very hard to chew and not crunchy at all, while the ones in the soup are pretty salty. The skewered chicken with teriyaki sauce was terribly hard to chew, you'd know it's cooked too long when it sticks on the satay stick. I don't eat sake unless it's cooked, so I don't know how it tastes raw. The cooked salmon was a little bit overcooked because it lost its tenderness. I must say I only fully enjoyed the chawanmushi, yup, that's it. For dinner it costs about $33++ (before tax and service charge). Honestly, it's not worth it. So my total rating is 6.5/10

25 November 2014

Shopbop Massive Sale!

Hello beautifuls! Have you always been eyeing on that Alexander Wang get up or that cute Moschino bag? Now's your chance! Shop is one one of the biggest online concept stores with big clothing brands like BCBGMAXAZRIA, Acne Studios, Rag & Bone, Maison Martin Margiela, 3.1 Philip Lim, Carven, Donna Karen New York, DSQUARED2, Elizabeth and James, Gareth Pugh, Helmut Lang, J.W. Anderson, Jean Paul Gaultier, RED Valentino and the lists goes on and on. You'll also be able to find your favourite bags, shoes accessories brands such as MCMDvF, Giuseppe Zanotti, House of Harlow 1960, Jeffrey Campbell, Miista, Y-3, Rebecca Minkoff and more! 

Just don't forget to key in the code "GOBIG14" at check out and this applies to all full-priced and sales items too! Valid until December 1st, 2014, at 11:59pm PT. GO SHOP NOW!

24 November 2014

J Runway's New Store

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Hello again, this is just a photo stream of J Runway's new store. It's been so long since I've worked there and so much has changed. They had their biggest renovation in 2 years and launched a few days ago. It seems to be more spacious now as their visual display has improved. Now you can navigate yourself around finding what you need easily. They now carry Fig & Viper, which is one of the coolest streetwear label from Tokyo by the amazing Alisa Ueno. So go on down and grab your goodies! Happy shopping!


23 November 2014

Boy London x Long Clothing x Actually Party

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(Eagle Tee // Boy London x Long Clothing, Mesh Dress // Depression, Buckled Platforms // Long Clothing x Underground)

Hello beautiful people! Ahh, in such a good mood today. I'm normally not the party type and in fact, yesterday was only the 3rd time I've attended a party. The first time was at FashionTV club and the other was at One Altitude (I was passed out drunk because it was my 21st birthday). I don't really enjoy going to night clubs to drink or dance, and to be squashed and shoved by sweaty strangers; just the thought of it turns me off. That doesn't mean I don't know how to let loose and have fun because yesterday was pretty pleasant. So I've gotten the opportunity to attend the Boy London x Long Clothing x Actually party last night. I've noticed that we went there way too early and it was so awkwardly empty. More people only started coming after 10pm. The designers had like a meet and greet session a little after 9pm and I must say, they are extremely down to earth. We've only gotten the chance to talk to Rhys because Gareth was sitting across, and I met this really cool girl who tagged along called Ivy. GAH, meeting cool British fashion people makes me wanna go London even more. I need to realise my dreams and get my butt moving. S.T.O.P procrastinating!!!

12 November 2014

Out of Place

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(Baseball Shirt // Topman, Mesh Top // H&M, Stripe Skirt // Zara)

The very obvious yet questionable purpose of a fashion blogger comes to mind. When people ask me whether I'm a blogger after looking at my Instagram, I'd feel a sense of unease to admit it. Well, not because I'm not proud of my own blog, it's the invisible standards that people would expect from a blogger. I neither blog professionally nor do I have outstanding writing stills, I simply blog for the joy of it. Lately my blog content consists of personal styles followed by a short descriptions on my mood, my thoughts, and my daily activities. I guess for me a fashion blogger literally is a blogger who blogs about fashion. So I wouldn't consider myself one because I'm more narcissistic than that. There are many terms to describe one's blog contents so I'm pretty much all over the place. I'm trying to keep up the consistency of what I want to post about on this page but I still don't like the formalities of a blogger so I'm just gonna stick with what I'm doing now. I just hope I could at least give people some styling inspirations, that'd be great.


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