11 September 2014

Trapped by the Rain

( Quilted Bomber Jacket & Polkadot Flare Pants // Zara, Crochet Bralette c/o Style Raiders)

Well well well, me and my big mouth. Been rushing on my piled up work these few days cause my submission is nearing and I never felt so much stress in a while now. Though my one week holiday is after submission, I still have make up classes to attend. Okay, been talking about college a lot lately so let us steer away from that subject for a minute. Tried to take some photos outdoors today but it was raining like a bitch but we manage to get some raw shots.

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Photo by Nicole Ngai


3 September 2014


(Thrifdted Knot Drape Throwover, Platform Shoes // Deandri)

Ugh, such a tiring day! Wore these badass shoes out today and boy I was afraid of tripping. These are fairly comfortable to wear but the sole is quite narrow so you must have good balance and walk with caution. I've also recently converted to Gareth-Pughism and worship the lord of fashion (in my opinion). What I really love about Gareth Pugh is that he's very underground yet he creates such amazingly constructed garments that combines art and fashion. Amazing designers such as Yohji Yamamoto, Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons, Julius_7, and everyone's favourite Martin Margiela all holds similar art directions. They stray away from mainstream trends but they have attracted many followers and fans that also sees things in an unconventional way.

Well I guess everyone wants to be different but we all know well that fashion has been recycled throughout the decades.

Photo by Lucas


2 September 2014

Kate Moss x Topshop

(Heart Embroidery Romper // Kate Moss x Topshop, Maryjane Heels // Zalora)

Learned about the mod and rocker era during class yesterday and I was coincidentally wearing the mod inspired look. It's very fascinating to learn about fashion history and rediscover fashion in a new light. Personally I wouldn't put myself into any category because I like experimenting on different styles. I think it's important to be all rounded if you're thinking about working in the fashion industry. 

Photo by Nicole Ngai


1 September 2014

Medium Black

 photo IMG_7460_zpsa941e72b.jpg
 photo IMG_7465_zps3df2d62c.jpg
(Strappy Midi Dress // Young Hungry Free, Mesh Crop Top // WEGO, Platform sandals // Zara)

Photo courtesy of Maria Khoo

Photo diary for today. Wearing this dress again because it is absolutely comfortable and fit for everyday wear, and.. to get a better picture of it.

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