3 August 2014

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty

I rarely spend so much of my own money to buy beauty products, at least not all at once. I initially went down to YSL to get a red matte lipstick I've been eyeing online. I did signed up for the mailing list but I wasn't a member even though this was my third trip so I've decided to join. 

To be eligible, I just have to spend $150SGD. So the make up artist recommended me their new CC creme which acts as a primer and it contains an SPF of 35. I chose a rosy tint for that healthy radiance.  I also got the lip & contour shaper that plumps up your lip and fills in the lines for smooth lipstick application. Unlike some lip balms, this doesn't change your lipstick colour and still gives a matte finish. I was pleasantly surprised by the plumping effect and the moisturising level!   It's my first time buying a lip & cheek stain as I've always been skeptical that it works both ways. But YSL has never cease to amaze me (I'm sure there are plenty other brands who can do the trick) on how good the effects are. 

Well, some of you might think that all high end make ups have better results but I've tried some that really disappoints. But I guess you wouldn't know how well a product works until you've tried it yourself. Everyone's skin is different so some products might work as a charm for me and might suck for you. So do take caution when purchasing beauty products (especially the ones from mamashops, lol) and seek help from your dermatologist if you've got really sensitive skin.

Moving on, I've spent a total of $235SGD and not only got a free membership, I've also received a bunch of free samples too! The package includes a travel sized toner, emulsion creme, eye creme, anti-wrinkle serum, dark spots serum, compact powder, make up remover and a classic blue pouch. What a great deal isn't it? But I guess its their way of marketing to let customers return to buy their products if it works for them. But hey, beggars can't be choosers? My server's name is Irah and she is extremely nice and not pushy at all. She also gave me a free certificate for a makeover that expires in a month. Ahhh, time to look beautiful in YSL. *Psssk Cara and Joan was on the screen*

All in all I would definitely recommend you to try YSL beauty products. It may be on the pricier side but I'm sure you'd pay more for good quality products (plus the packaging is so exquisite).


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