24 August 2014

Life Goes On

(Stray Midi Dress // UNIF c/o shopbop, Backpack // UNIF, Gladiator Shoes // Jeffrey Campbell)

Went to Natsu Matsuri aka Summer Festival at The Japanese School today. At first I was questioning my presence because we spent most of the time queueing for tickets, food and drinks. But still I had my fair share of fun with my friends. We managed to play a game called yo-yo fishing. Basically you'd have use a hook with a string made out of tissue paper and hook the rubber bands on the balloon water balls out of the mini pool. You can hook as much as you want but until the tissue string snaps. 

It was definitely a mistake to grab a beer empty-stomached because I nearly fainted. It was that 5 seconds of near-black-out experience before I dropped to the ground. Nicole and her friend Inez were freaking out because they thought something horrible happened. However sitting down and stoning on the ground for like 3 minutes made me feel better. But the moment I stood up, *sees stars*. Went to have KFC afterwards because I needed that fill but couldn't finish my food :( 


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