28 August 2014

Just the Usuals

Today's look features everything fast fashion and mass production. Although I've learnt the ugly truth about how it works, I was one of those cheapskates who really enjoys spending less for more. It is understandable because as a collage student, I mostly rely on my allowance. The money I earn from a part time job in Singapore can barely feed my fashion thirst. But I really like supporting underground labels as long as the quality tallies with the price. I've been wearing a lot of black these days but I think I'm going to go darker than that, or at least, more unique. My currently style is still very street and Harajuku influenced but I really want to take it up a notch.

Photographed by Lucas

Current obsessions:

(All photos from shopbop)


24 August 2014

Life Goes On

(Stray Midi Dress // UNIF c/o shopbop, Backpack // UNIF, Gladiator Shoes // Jeffrey Campbell)

Went to Natsu Matsuri aka Summer Festival at The Japanese School today. At first I was questioning my presence because we spent most of the time queueing for tickets, food and drinks. But still I had my fair share of fun with my friends. We managed to play a game called yo-yo fishing. Basically you'd have use a hook with a string made out of tissue paper and hook the rubber bands on the balloon water balls out of the mini pool. You can hook as much as you want but until the tissue string snaps. 

It was definitely a mistake to grab a beer empty-stomached because I nearly fainted. It was that 5 seconds of near-black-out experience before I dropped to the ground. Nicole and her friend Inez were freaking out because they thought something horrible happened. However sitting down and stoning on the ground for like 3 minutes made me feel better. But the moment I stood up, *sees stars*. Went to have KFC afterwards because I needed that fill but couldn't finish my food :( 

18 August 2014

Back to Square One

(Lace Cardi & Midi Dress // Younghungryfree, Crescent Moon Choker // Devil666ish, Leather Flatforms // Jeffrey Campbell c/o Shopbop)

Casual low quality outfit post. I really gotta make myself bring my DSLR wherever I go now but my everyday load for school is just to unbearable!

I really love my YHF dress, it's so lightweight and not a lot of dresses come with good lining. But for me the best part was the hidden pockets. I feel like it's an easy way to look casual and chic anytime with your hands tucked in your pockets. Of course, not forgetting to show some love to my new shoes, I have to admit that these pair stung my ankle area badly on first wear (you can see it from the amount of plasters on my foot). These shoes were meant to wear with pretty socks! Thanks shopbop!

13 August 2014

View Finder

Extremely exhausted after a whole day of hands-on-legs-on work today. Went to the explore Little India (which has been explored various times as a Lasalle student). I still have some sewing to finish up but that will have to wait till I wake up from my power nap later.

Yesterday a blogger came to our school to have a talk about... blogging? I don't know. He said it's not a tutorial on how to be a blogger but he gave step by step pointers on how to become a blogger. Hmm? He did asks us if we think Singapore is a fashion capital, it's a very obvious no. Maybe I'll talk about this in my next post because this girl needs to go.

9 August 2014

Shopbop: WISH LIST

I am a crazy shoe person, by that I meant I have an obsession with pretty shoes. But somehow, I always fall in love with expensive shoes so here are just some shoes I've been eyeing on recently.

(Click on the pictures for the link)


Left to Right: $495 USD | Opening Ceremony$550 USD & $580 USD | Acne Studios

Everyone needs to own a pair of booties. I like how these designs have chunky heels that makes it more easy to walk in, or even run.



Left to right: $350 | Diane Von Furstenberg, $646.35 | Alexander Wang, $180 USD | Schutz

I don't really wear a lot of pumps but for starters, these are probably the best heels to go for. The classic pointy tip with a double ankle strap makes it great for everyday wear.

(All photos taken from http://www.shopbop.com/)

8 August 2014

At the Basement

(Long Sleeve Crop Top // Zara, Sling Bag // Rabeanco, Gingham Midi Skirt // Topshop, Socks // Uniqlo, Buckled Shoes // Long Clothing x Underground)

Photo taken by Nicole Ngai

So happy it's Friday but damn, I end class at 8pm today. School has been great so far, not much work to do, just a few essays to write. I just can't wait for pattern drafting & sewing classes to commence. 

On the side note, my hair is turning blonder by the wash. It's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just that blonde hair is quite common in my college and pffft I don't wanna blend in. I'm still debating on what hair color I should do next but I'm having thoughts about blue-silver. I'm probably gonna do it before YG Family Galaxy Tour hehehe. If you have any salon recommendations in Singapore that specialises in funky colors that doesn't charge you the amount of a Gucci wallet, please tell me. 

Anyway, have a good (long) weekend ahead woohoo!


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