23 July 2014

[REVIEW] Eye Studio Tokyo

[This is not a sponsored post]


I think by now it's not hard to find authentic Japanese eyelash extension salons in Singapore. I've done my research for the longest time and here are just some of the reasons why I picked Eye Studio. Since this is not a sponsored post, I will express my opinions truthfully according to my experience and I know many of you out there are on the same boat as me itching to find an honest non-sponsored review.

I was actually introduced by my friend Linda who've tried the services at Eye Studio. Since Mother's Day was around the corner at that time, I decided to bring my mom along. It was quite hard to book an appointment with them as they're always fully booked. So we had to book 2 weeks in advance for a 2 person slot. Oh and if you want to do both top & bottom lashes you'll have to mention it in advance because they might not be able to complete it in time before the next customer arrives. 

As we arrived, we were greeted by the lady at the reception. It was our first trip thus we had to fill up a form on our details and what type of designs we want for the eyelash extensions. For upper lash, I chose the C curl with the thickness of 0.15mm in a Sexy Design and for lower lashes, I just wanted it to be full. 

We were then escorted to the treatment area where you can lay down on a comfortable bed with a fluffy blanket just in case you'd feel a bit chilly. The lady who did my lashes on the first trip was Nakamura-san. She was extremely gentle with the application that I fell asleep. Considering I haven't had any sleep the night before and did a photo shoot with Decenber XVII in the morning (will talk about this soon!), I was pretty wrecked. 

From what I can remember, she applied some tape below my eyes to cover up my natural bottom lashes to prevent the faux lashes from sticking on the wrong side. I suggest that you do not wear any eye make up since there's gonna be tape everywhere and it will eventually lift up your product in a very unsightly manner. It is IMPORTANT that you DO NOT apply any mascara on your lashes! First of all, they will not apply the lash extensions on for you and they'll charge you for removing it. It costs $20SGD just for that. However, your eyes would be closed most of the time so don't worry about wearing contact lenses unless you're uncomfortable with "sleeping" with your contacts for about 20-40 minutes. But if you're doing bottom lashes, here's the tricky part of about it. Of course they wouldn't ask you to open your eyes without blinking for 30 minutes while they delicately apply the lashes on, they'd tape your upper eyelids, pulling it slightly upwards for a small opening so your eyelids don't touch. Ouch? No, it sounds scary but it didn't hurt at all. 

I guess you all should know by now that they used the strand by strand method therefore it takes a lot of skill and precession to stick them on to your natural lashes separately. Generally these would last for about a month or up to 6 weeks with extra care. Refrain from rubbing your eyelids constantly because it would not only cause the lashes to loosen up and drop easily, it may irritate your eyes. Since I had these lashes on, I minimised the use of eye make up because I didn't felt the need for it. But when I have to be made up for photo shoots or events, I would remove it gently with a cotton pad or wipes in a downward motion while having my eyes closed. Use a cotton bud if you have to remove make up on the lash line or bottom eyelids. Wow, seems like a lot of work huh? Well, there's always a cost for beauty. 

Since I brought my mom along for the first trip, they suggested us to opt for the 2-pack bundle that costed $150SGD for 2 with unlimited lashes. I had 60 lashes on which was 30 for each side. Bottom lashes costed $20SGD only. I went back for touch up 4 weeks later but they charge touch-up according to the amount of lashes that needs to be added in. I was treated by Cayo-san and I told her I wanted it to be fuller so she added 70 lashes which costs $70SGD (the price for 80 lashes). However the price for bottom lashes has increased from $20SGD to $40SGD~ with effect on July 2014, bummer. So I spent $120 on touch up while my first trip only costed me $95. Then again, it could be their GSS promotion because in Singapore, the Great Singapore Sales happen from June onwards to the end of July or earlier. 

All in all, I think it was money well spent. I love my soft and natural looking lashes and I will definitely make myself a regular. 

Other than specialising in eyelash extensions, they also have plenty of other services such as eyebrow embroidery and eyeliner tattoos. You can check out more on their services on their website. Their website is in Japanese but I'm sure you can translate it with google. But if you're still unsure, you may contact them directly as they do speak basic English. 

ADDRESS: 177 RiverValleyRoad LIANG COURT #03-01 SINGAPORE 179030

  • TEL: 9298-6774 / 6883-1077
  • Hours: 
     10:30am - last appointment 6:30pm 
     Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays business as usual. Prior booking is essential.


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