18 July 2014


What's up guys. It's been awhile, how have you been? 

Recently, Nicole and I decided to revive Stray Katz but we've tweaked it a little bit so that we can get you readers more involved. I'll be talking more about it later.

This will be my first outfit post. I do have my own personal blog but I'll be posting more fashion related stuff here. So this is the outfit that I wore to attend my favourite kpop band, 2NE1's concert. YAY! I missed them the last time they performed here so you guys have no idea how psyched I was to be able to go this time.  I didn't even care I was gonna be queueing for 3 hours and standing for 2 hours + because I FREAKING LOVE 2NE1. Other than loving their amazing voices and talent, I admire their quirky, cool, sexy & versatile fashion sense. That's what made them stand out of from the rest of the other groups and that's what made them so special. I can vividly remember that Bom once said that she wanted 2NE1 to be thought of as weird - in a good way of course. 

Back to my ootd, to catch my unnie's - did you know that Minzy is only 20 - attention obviously I'm not gonna tone down or dress casually, I'm going all out! I figured that stripes make a pretty striking statement so I went for a hooded stripe coat for my outerwear. In Harajuku, wearing a bralette over a top is the currently in trend, so I wore a pink tropical printed bralette over a lace crop top. To give my look a little more balance, I chose a softer colour for my top & bottom. I also wore baby pink socks over my Chocomoo x Disney x Avantgarde tattoo stockings that Nicole brought for me from Japan. Here's a piece of advice, wear comfortable shoes. If you're gonna be standing and jumping throughout the night, choose a pair of shoes that has a slight platform or a soft sole because flat shoes will cause a lot of friction with your feet, making it uncomfortable. And if you have big feet like me, open toe shoes or sandals are ideal for concerts. 

For accessories, I picked very cutesy candy coloured clips and bracelets to give my look a pop of colour. A friend of mine actually handmade those candy bracelets and she had some extra which she gave to me. I didn't want it to overpower my outfit so I didn't wear any chunky accessories. As usual, together with my tattoo chokers I added a pink necklace with woven chains and evil eye charms. I didn't wear any earrings as my twin tails already did the job.


Accessories - H&M/ Osewaya
Stripe Coat - TRF by Zara
Lace Crop Top - WEGO @ J Runway
Bralette & Skirt - H&M
Stockings - MAM Avantgarde 
Holographic Platform Sandals - Y.R.U

(FYI, there's a slight discolouration on the images and I'll try to fix that as soon as I can. If you wish to see them at original filter, we will post it up on out Facebook page)


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