12 March 2014

It's always so sunny.

Bucket Hat - HELEN
Jacket - @JulianTanjy at Carousel
Yin Yang Backpack - O-Mighty
Stripe Top, Pleather Skirt & Socks - H&M
Shoes - Y.R.U

Thanks to my bud Nicole I've been able to do outfit shots often because she has a better lens that I do. Ugh, makes me feel like I should finally invest in one. A good prime lens especially but it's quite expensive to get first hand. I really won't mind getting preowned lenses if it's still in mint condition. 

Anyway I've pretty much wore my Qozmos all the time now I finally can see that it's so worn out. One of the hooks actually dropped!!! They really served me well and fit almost everything I love to wear and it is probably the most comfortable platform shoes I have. The sole is quite light weight but still sturdy compared to my UNIF trainers, those are hella heavy. Still love 'em tho. 


  1. love this! especially the shoes, hat and bag

  2. Hi dear!!!! I found your blog on IFB and I asked your friendship!!! I love to see what the girls are wearing in other countries. Fashion is global! Congratulations for your choices. Kisses from Italy,



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