21 December 2013

Perth's Greeting

Hello wello! I'll be posting some photos of my trip to Perth, West Australia. 

Second meal at Perth. Their food is expensive but extremely fresh. I personally hate vegetables but I absolutely love their salads. What I've noticed is that Australians love their coffee and alcohol, you can find bars, bistros and coffee houses every 5 blocks. After our breakfast we took the double decker tour bus around the city for a short trip. It costs AU$27 and you can drop off and on at any tourist stop that the bus passes, so you can explore a little more by foot when you pass a place of interest.

Perth is the most isolated place in Australia. They have a population of 1.9 million people and in West Australia, there's only 2.2 million people. When the British, Germans & French had occupied this suburb from the 1800s to 1900s, they left many historical buildings that are absolutely astonishing.

Passing by Kings Park, one of the main tourist attractions. 

Went to Harbour town, their outlet shopping centre. You can find heavily discounted major brands such as Levi's, Adidas, Converse, French Connection, Cotton On Superstore and more. I got my Levi's jacket at just AU$48 and my chucks at AU$100. You can't really find extremely cheap things and nothing is free, even the hotel's wifi and airport's trolley. So I wouldn't recommend you to go there if you're looking for cheap shopping. It's more like a place for relaxation and closure to nature. Their lifestyle is very laid back and stores open 9am - 5pm daily, great for retirement.

Will post more about my tours in Perth soon.


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