28 December 2013

Merry belated Christmas.

(A shot without flash and with flash. Did this just to see the colour of my contacts I got from KL)

Hello earthlings, 
 It's 2 days past Christmas and I've only decided to post now. Heh. What a lazy ass. 
Anyhoos, I didn't really do anything outstanding or party on Christmas but I've spent it well with my love as it's our 34 month milestone as well. We lunch at Aston's and may I say the Black Pepper Chicken is my fav! After our meals we wen on to Vivo City, the place we went on our 1st month. 

I've recently gained a lot of weight cause of my trip back home to Malaysia. Who doesn't adore Malaysian food? (Especially when it's cooked by granny dearest) And the price cannot be compared with anywhere else especially in my hometown in Jitra, Kedah. Even if they increased 50 cents, it's still cheaper than Singapore. One thing I don't like about Malaysian food is their cleanliness, well like my dad would say, it only taste that good cause it's filthy. HAHAHA.

My outfit of the day.

Oversize Denim Jacket - Topman (BF's)
Burgundy Crop Top - New Look
Black Denim Shorts - Zara
Bloody Cross Stockings - Hashtags KL
Shoes - Dr. Martens

You know, these stockings got me lots of attention, not only these pair but also my other tattoo stockings. I've come to a conclusion that people are convinced that I have tattoos on my legs. I have these Mickey Comic stockings from J Runway that caught most people's attention. Two Malay boys walked pass me and whispered to one another to take notice of my "tattoos" and a little Indian boy said to her mom, "Miki mouse tatu~" He had a really cute Indian accent and he wasn't afraid to say it out. I don't enjoy the attention but I wear what I like, so it doesn't really bother me be it negative or positive attention.

I also like stealing stuff from my boyfriend's closet because he has some awesome pieces that has been left there to rot. He says they are too hot for Singapore's weather but I'm extremely afraid of the cold, so I can wear long sleeves and a thick jacket outside... which I did. I personally think boys in SG are a little to shy to dress up, I know, I know, it's the weather but come on, it's SG, you can find air-conditioning almost anywhere. Plus if you wear a jacket, it's always easy to just remove it when you're hot, am I right?

I have also recently in attempts to relaunch my webstore under Stray Kat Community. Many people I've shot on the streets has inspired me to bring alternative fashion more available to the youth here in Singapore. I'll only be bringing in stocks to sell for now until I have enough funds to start my own label and do my own designs. It'll only be launching in January of 2014.

For now, if you like to support, you may check out some links below.

We've also did some changes to the name of our main site, we just simply removed the 'S' in the Kats because we were having some trouble retrieving that website from our registrar. So check out the links below and stay updated.

And to my dearest, we have been through so many hardship while you are in the army and I understand under some circumstances I have to make many compromises, but I just want you to know I am glad we have not given up and fought to this day. Just two more months it'll be our 3rd year anniversary and I can't believe it has been such a long time. I love you.


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