25 November 2013

Another update.


I've recently done a mini shoot with Shop Julien. I have also done an advertorial for them few months ago (here). I was excited when the owner Audrey approached me to model for them for their newest launch. I know I should've posted this right after but oh wells, I'm not a professional blogger... (We all know why...) I really have the case of laziness don't I? Since now I have time away from work and from school for awhile, I'm gonna try to blog every day, TRY AH DON'T PUSH IT. Here are some photos that I scooped from the site, AND YES MY HAIR IS PINK. Ok this was quite faded already.

With the gorgeous Audrey, her website here

This was day 1 of awesome pawsome pink hair. Hehe.

Taken with my lousy iphone 4 front camera quality. But the color...


This is taken with my new Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom back camera (in my infamous kitchen, pffft, who cares, it has the best lighting!), using the beauty effect, my face looks fucking smooth. As you can see it has faded off to a peachy/salmon color SOBS but I'm gonna touch it up when I re-bleach my hair and tone it to platinum blonde/white. 

I'm quite sad it didn't lasted as long as I expected it to but in my defence, if you notice clearly enough, there are still patches of pink on my hair, that particular part of my hair was platinum blonde, almost white. Reason being that before this I bleached my again - to touch up my roots too - and toned it with purple toner. And I guess I didn't do it properly so some parts are dark blonde, some parts medium and some parts purple. Impatient Julian just wants to dye her hair pink. 

I really like how gorgeous I look here cause of the crazy photoshop going on on my face (sorry Audrey but your PS skills are awesome!). Maybe one day I might actually go korea to do some liposuction and chin fillers, or maybe eyelid surgery, I don't know. 

I've also helped my partner Nicole from Stray Kats Snap Klub to do her school project on witches. I fucking love this shot cause my cheekbones are showing!!! That is with the help of makeup duh. Come to think of it, I quite like doing modelling cause I get to play dress up and take loads of photos. I might just go into it further, or not.

Say hi to Kiki & Lala, or if you want, Team Rocket. 

That's it for now. Will be posting more outfit photos that are overdue. I've posted more often on Instagram and on lookbook. Feel free to check it out. Toodles.

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  1. Love the hair colour, and that modelling picture is gorgeous. i really don't think you're in need of plastic surgery though ;P <3

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