24 April 2013

Unconscious Desire: BEFORE + NOISES

These were the few test shots that were taking while I was preparing for the shoot. As you can see that it's al dark, it's actually 3 in the morning. AND YES, I have a thing for Hawaiian floral pants, their comfy. And that's my photographer and best friend. We've been friends for say about 5 years now and I guess she pretty much would know what I wanted for my shoot. She is no where close to a professional but the results were not bad! I am happy that I've learned a few tips and tricks in photoshop just by clicking and adjusting just about everything to get the desired results. And also thanks to photoshop classes in school :P

This is a darker concept but it's very scary. More like a movie poster LOL. Be careful, the bride will haunt you in the middle of the night. 



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