10 March 2013

Teal Zeal

Teal Blazer // Riot Loco | Sheer Chiffon Metal Collared Blouse // Style Bound | Belt // H&M | Vintage Necklace & Denim Shorts // Flea & Bugis St | Leather Tote // Massimo Dutti | High-cut Pleather Boots // Plaza Singapura

Just another weekend out with my boy attempting to shop our pockets out. You know the funny thing about relationships is that even if you spend the whole day doing nothing, you'll still feel contented by the end of the day. Anyway I am gladly welcoming my Riot Loco blazer into my blazer family. Furthermore it's summer now, bright & vibrant colors are a plus point! Also wearing a piece from my past blogshop (in the midst of reviving it). YES! I have decided to revive my old shop because I figured I have a little more spare time right now, why not? This time I will try to work on integrating my own designs just because I don't wanna sell what every blogshop is selling. I can't lie that I don't follow trends but I try my best not to. Not because I am desperately trying to to brush of the mainstream trend but sometimes you gotta admit that some of those designs are down right gorgeous. So yup, that's all for now and sorry for the sudden disappearance for awhile. I was dealing with submission and now I am free from burden. 

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  1. Love that outfit! xxx



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