15 February 2013

Every February, you'll be my Valentine.

Studded White Denim Jacket // Zara | Inverted Cross Velvet Top ($15), Vintage Ripped Denim Shorts ($6.50) & Chunky Spike Bracelet ($4) // Bugis St Lvl 3 | Thick Belt & Socks // H&M | Shoes // Dr. Martens | Cross Necklace ($6)  & Multi-Eyes Bracelet ($4) // Scape Flea

Happy Belated Valentine's day! I say belated because I really didn't have time to blog ytd due to work. So this is like the second time Randy & I celebrated V Day. V Day wasn't specifically special to us but it was still a day for lovers, so why not? We went to eat thai food @ BKK Jam at Wheelock Place. I do recommend that you guys go and try it out if you're a thai food lover, or maybe just like exploring new taste. It's very delicious and the portion is pretty huge. (I have a big appetite!) Price wise, I wished it would be a little more cheaper but once in awhile is fine. (I'm still studying and I don't have a lot of allowance so shut it!!!!) Went Sheesha and took a shot of tequila afterwards. It was raining for the whole day so it was an ideal place to go for chilling and relaxing. Today I decided to list out the prices of my thrift finds because I AM SO NICE... So hope you guys have a great weekend and T.G.I.F!



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