25 February 2013

Birthday Celebration: With The Hubby

Detachable Wool Denim Jacket // Esprit | Supreme Snapback // Bugis St | Skull x Spike Necklace // Ear2Ear | Grey Sleeveless Top // M'sia | Midwaist Denim Shorts // Zara | Socks // H&M | Shoes // Dr. Martens 

So the other day I celebrated my 20th birthday with my friends, but yesterday, I celebrated it with the person I love the most, my boyfriend. Well the thing is, he wasn't able to make it on the actual day because he was still in camp due to live firing or something like that. But I wasn't even mad or sad, I was already contended for the fact that I am still with him. Today is our 2nd anniversary and I cannot emphasise on how much time we have spent together and how fast time has flown. What should be said was said and what should be done was done. I can only try harder every day to be the perfect girlfriend and to love him even more. It was fate that brought us together but now it's in our hands and for to decide. 

Honey, I will always love you even if the world falls apart & even if all my dreams are shattered. You are my everything.

Here is a very epic but meaningful song for you baby.



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