24 February 2013

Birthday Celebration: With the closest

I've just turned 20 two days ago! & I've celebrated with the longest & closest friends I had. (But Nicole wasn't able to turn up due to school & that dude right there is Agnes' BF) These 2 girls are one of the first best friends I had when I just came to Singapore. We had never had any bitching & betraying issues, we never quarrelled, we always help each other when in need, & even though we don't hang out as much we used to, our bonds are always strong. I'm very glad to have friends like these and I believe they are angels from above. The love & joy that these people had brought me are unconditional & selfless.

I want to thank Xelia, Agnes, Nicole, Carynna & Cheryl for being the best friends ever & honestly I can never ask for more than that. I love you all and we will always be best friends!



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