6 January 2013

It's a Celebration

(Silver Choker // H&M, Black Maxi Dress // Uniqlo, Studded Belt & Bucket Bag // Zara, Accessories // Topshop)

Today is actually my darling's birthday, he has turned 20. I celebrated with him yesterday until 12 midnight & I was glad to be the first one to be there for him. This is the second time I'm celebrating his birthday & it would be the 3rd time for him as we met on my birthday 2 years ago. Ahhh, time, you just don't wait for anyone don't you? Well since you guys know our little story already I shan't repeat again. 

Anyway, happy birthday my dear love. I hope you had a great day yesterday and please know that I will be there to celebrate your every birthday. You're an amazing guy & I am blessed to be your girl. I love you honey! [P.s you're old!!!!!]



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