31 January 2013

It's About Time

Linen White Shirt // Uniqlo, Gold Plated Necklace // H&M, Snake Printed Pants // Zara, Leather Tote Bag // Massimo Dutti 

Hello girls, It's really about time I showed up! I hope there are people actually anticipating for my posts. Well, recently I've been feeling under the weather. Migraines, sudden white vision, tiredness, I thought it had to be about my low blood pressure. So it worried me enough to see the doctor. But gladly the doctor said my blood pressure was normal again, which was awesome news! I guess my body just couldn't fight fatigue. However, she urged that I should sleep regularly as I've mentioned that I have distorted sleeping time due to school work. Anyway, today's outfit is pretty straightforward. Was just trying some bold prints cause it's summer time again!  I can't wait to migrate to either New York or London. I swear I don't wanna stay here for the rest of my life. Don't get me wrong, Singapore is a nice place, I just wanna get out and explore what Asian countries aren't showing me. 



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