16 December 2012

Welcome Home

(Camo Bijoux Outerwear // Zara.  Ripped HW Shorts // Cotton On, Low Cut Boots // Dr. Martens.)

Hello lovelies, finally I've found a way to blog. All I needed was a thumb drive and an Internet cafe, kinda sad isn't it? I know it's weird for a family not to have Internet at home but my grandma doesn't use it and my cousins are too young. However I might convince my dad to sign up Internet connection for grandma so we could Skype! My first week back home is super mundane. I am technically half paralyzed cause I either spend most of my days sleeping or eating. I guess that explains why my pants are getting tighter. Despite that, food at my hometown is irresistibly delicious. Our traditional & original Asam Laksa, Curry Noodles, Hockkien Prawn Noodles, they are all so different compared to Singapore's delights. But nothing can ever replace the good ol' grandma's home cooked food. I went for a one day trip to Penang with my relatives, god they are just so irritating. Hate kids. Well I am glad that's over. I won't be back until Christmas or maybe later (hopefully not) but I'll enjoy every moment spent with my family. So anyway I might rot around a little more and get some more food. 

Anyway I colored and trimmed my hair at my uncle's place (he is very young FYI, it's just the generation gap). He did mentioned that the black part couldn't be colored unless I bleach. Of course I I said no, my hair needs to take 6 months off from all those chemicals. Well at least my hair isn't so damanged so I'm glad. Anyway the T-shirt I'm wearing was a early Christmas gift from my dearest boyfriend, how sweet is that? Anyway I might blog again if I have more pictures coming in. I still some others that aren't uploaded here but are in my Facebook. Oh well, might kill some time. Good day to you!


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