8 December 2012

Prepped by day, ready by night


(Shimmery Studded Cotton Shift Dress, Silver Clutch & Silver Heel Bootie // Zara, )

Photographer: Maria Clare Khoo

Hello night owls! Haven't blogged at this hour for a long time, mainly cause I value sleep... Nah, because I've got so much work to do. Went out with my two school mates, Maria & Nadirah, to Orchard. Bumped into Kim, Karina, Charlie & Matt while we were outside chilling. I gotta say I am enjoying school life although it's very tough and sleep depriving. 

This look was taken by my school mate Maria, it wasn't really planned and didn't spend much time taking a bunch of photos but I have to say in such a short period of time, we did produce some great pictures. 

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