18 December 2012

Because I am narcissistic

This is taken the first day of my newly dyed hair. I mentioned the other day that it still has that gradient effect but oh well, trying to live with it I guess. I am just gonna let my hair be dark and healthy for the next 6 months. When summer break comes, I am probably gonna color it again. My boyfriend is gonna be so mad.

So this was the other day when I tried on the natural lashes that I bought from Penang. They are absolutely comfortable and soft. And what the hell, I got 10 pairs for RM $20 which is about SGD $8 only! Mad right? I even bought a hair curler cum straighter and the best part is, IT'S PINK!

So... I  made a video. Yes, please don't judge me k. I may have a few words that are weirdly pronounced because I was nervous and didn't bother to record again. Anyway I like putting on make up and try out different looks. This look is something that I use for certain occasions and it's definitely versatile cause it's a lot darker than the actual colors of the sunset. Anyway I hope I do get some good response and motivation to do another one.
HERE IS THE LINK! https://vimeo.com/55837931

Sunset Inspired Smokey Eye from Julian Tan on Vimeo.

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