18 December 2012

Because I am narcissistic

This is taken the first day of my newly dyed hair. I mentioned the other day that it still has that gradient effect but oh well, trying to live with it I guess. I am just gonna let my hair be dark and healthy for the next 6 months. When summer break comes, I am probably gonna color it again. My boyfriend is gonna be so mad.

So this was the other day when I tried on the natural lashes that I bought from Penang. They are absolutely comfortable and soft. And what the hell, I got 10 pairs for RM $20 which is about SGD $8 only! Mad right? I even bought a hair curler cum straighter and the best part is, IT'S PINK!

So... I  made a video. Yes, please don't judge me k. I may have a few words that are weirdly pronounced because I was nervous and didn't bother to record again. Anyway I like putting on make up and try out different looks. This look is something that I use for certain occasions and it's definitely versatile cause it's a lot darker than the actual colors of the sunset. Anyway I hope I do get some good response and motivation to do another one.
HERE IS THE LINK! https://vimeo.com/55837931

Sunset Inspired Smokey Eye from Julian Tan on Vimeo.


16 December 2012

Welcome Home

(Camo Bijoux Outerwear // Zara.  Ripped HW Shorts // Cotton On, Low Cut Boots // Dr. Martens.)

Hello lovelies, finally I've found a way to blog. All I needed was a thumb drive and an Internet cafe, kinda sad isn't it? I know it's weird for a family not to have Internet at home but my grandma doesn't use it and my cousins are too young. However I might convince my dad to sign up Internet connection for grandma so we could Skype! My first week back home is super mundane. I am technically half paralyzed cause I either spend most of my days sleeping or eating. I guess that explains why my pants are getting tighter. Despite that, food at my hometown is irresistibly delicious. Our traditional & original Asam Laksa, Curry Noodles, Hockkien Prawn Noodles, they are all so different compared to Singapore's delights. But nothing can ever replace the good ol' grandma's home cooked food. I went for a one day trip to Penang with my relatives, god they are just so irritating. Hate kids. Well I am glad that's over. I won't be back until Christmas or maybe later (hopefully not) but I'll enjoy every moment spent with my family. So anyway I might rot around a little more and get some more food. 

Anyway I colored and trimmed my hair at my uncle's place (he is very young FYI, it's just the generation gap). He did mentioned that the black part couldn't be colored unless I bleach. Of course I I said no, my hair needs to take 6 months off from all those chemicals. Well at least my hair isn't so damanged so I'm glad. Anyway the T-shirt I'm wearing was a early Christmas gift from my dearest boyfriend, how sweet is that? Anyway I might blog again if I have more pictures coming in. I still some others that aren't uploaded here but are in my Facebook. Oh well, might kill some time. Good day to you!


10 December 2012

Mini Holiday Gateway

(Red Knit Pullover // Esprit, Black Ripped Highwaist Shorts & Studded Waist Belt // Zara, High Cut Boots // Code2Red)

Hi guys! I'm having a mini holiday right now with my dearest mom! We both have our busy schedules and other than Sunday, we don't see each other that much nor do we eat together. So finally it's the time of year where we can have some mother-daughter time. We only had 2 days to relax, so we decided to stay at one of the most exquisite resorts in Singapore, Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa Resort. Our stay here is just simply amazing, we have a beautiful sea view bed room & I am just so psyched about the bath tub. While mommy dearest is enjoys her spa, I went off to stroll around the resort & take some pictures. Their not fantastic nor professional, but I am sure they are pretty decent since they aren't photoshopped at all. *pats self on the shoulder* 

I will be away from 11th December until the end of the year, so I won't be able to update so often as my area doesn't have wifi services. But I will update if I have the chance! 

To my little lovebird, 

Hi darling, it's the time of year where I'll have to be away for weeks again. Well, I believe that this year will be so much easier for us to handle. Despite that fuss I made a week ago, you never gave up on me. You were willing to compromise your limits & do anything for me, that was the moment when I realised I shouldn't be selfish too. Now, I know that I cannot lose you nor will I ever walk away. You're not one in a million, you're the only one I need. It'll be our 22nd month anniversary on this coming Christmas & I sure as hell hope that I can come back to spend the day with you. I will miss you & of course I will find way to contact you as much as possible. I love you. 


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