27 July 2012

The 17th month.

Hello! Sorry for the lack of update! I have to say I am spending loads of time with my boyfriend before he serves national service. Well, isn't that what most girls would do? Anyway my new school term's about to start 10 days only. I'm super nervous of meeting new people but even more excited to discover new people that shares mutual interests with me. 

It was our 17th month for being together, so we went on down to Fish & Co Seafood in a Pan @ ION Orchard to feed our hunger. Randy ordered the Best Fish & Chips in Town (top photo), while I ordered a Danish Fish & Chips (second photo). The service was good and the food came promptly; definitely recommend. It costed pretty reasonable (aprrox $15.95++) because the size of the fillet is really big. I couldn't finish mine, but my boyfriend didn't hesitate to finish it up for me. The fillet was very tender and soft topped up with delicious sauces. 

After having a great feast, we head down to Marina Bay to go see the newly launched attraction, Garden by the Bay. The scenery was okay during the day but it would probably look fabulous at night. Can't wait to pay my second visit again to see them light up the area with beautiful lights. We chilled by the bay area and then walked to the garden itself to explore. After much walking and talking, we decided to head home early. 

( Daisy Headband & Gold Plated Leather Strap Necklace // H&M, U-back Asymmetrical Tunic & Light Denim Jeans // Zara, Black Leather Tote Bag // Mossimo Dutti)

The weather was so hot yesterday so I picked a thin cotton tunic as my base. Wore a pair of comfy slim jeans and folded up the cuffs to give a casual feel. So if you're looking to still give yourself some coverage, always remember to go for thinner materials with loose fitting. I didn't want my tunic to have the over sized look so I wore a thin waist belt to add more femininity to it. To add a touch of statement, I wore a minimalistic gold plated necklace. Bringing a very versatile tote bag and wearing comfortable shoes is great for outdoors. 


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